A downloadable Experience for Windows

The Developers:

- Uzair Ahmed (k122046@nu.edu.pk) 

- Syed Taha Ali (k122062@nu.edu.pk)

- Ahmed Abbass (k122212@nu.edu.pk)

Car Showroom Explorer

This is basically a software framework to explore automobile models using leap motion. We have created a showroom environment and integrated 4 demo 3D car models for your viewing pleasure. Any 3D car model can be integrated with it to make it more interactive in a very 3D manner using Leapmotion.

Android prototype of this experience is also completed and integrated with Google Cardboard interested 3D car artists can also approach us to feature their models there.

How To Use

  • Begin with punching the start button using Leapmotion.
  • Press [Circle] on gamepad to exit
  • Roam around with the help of gamepad
  • Make selection of car by gazing at it and press [Triangle] on gamepad
  • Explore using the following hand gestures:
  • Clockwise Circle = Zoom In
  • Anit-Clockwise Circle = Zoom Out
  • Pinch using index finger & thumb = Rotate
  • Swipe Vertically Up = Open Doors
  • Swipe Vertically Down = Close Doors
  • Make A Fist With Left Hand = Go Back

Make a vertical swipe gesture on Menu to open help

Contact-Support: metallicfist.digital@gmail.com

Install instructions

Connect a Gamepad & Leapmotion to PC and run the executable file.

Windows PC only version


Car Showroom Explorer 67 MB


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